About HIQS International


Hygiene International Quality Services was established to protect people and products. This is ensured by the systems, protocols, measurement, auditing and certifying the hygiene and protection practices of establishments.


For many years regulations and protocols have governed the food industry as well as environmental management. A number of standards, guidelines and protocols are available to assist food manufacturers with the implementation, maintenance and improvements of such standards to ensure that they deliver safe products to consumers including HACCP and numerous ISO standards. Further to this a number of third party auditors exist to verify that the systems are in place and the required standards, guidelines and protocols are met and maintained. In truth these systems are primarily concerned with safety while protection requires significantly more than these regulations and systems require.

HIQS recognised a Hygiene gap in the hospitality, personal care, catering, sports and recreation sectors and that to truly protect employees and clientele requires more than what other systems incorporate.

HIQS acknowledges that the traditional view of health and safety essentially revolves around safety compliance to a minimum standard. Protecting people and businesses demands for more and must include Hygiene as well as caring for a sustainable future.


HIQS, the global hygiene, quality standards, system and certification for the hospitality, personal care, sports and recreation sectors.


Certification of the hospitality, catering, personal care, sports and recreation sectors compliant with hygiene and protection systems, procedures and protocols aligned with standards and guidelines existing in the food industry.

Incorporate hygiene protection quality systems that are customised and relevant to the respective sector.


Providing these sectors with a purchase ready Hygiene Quality Management System to assist in the implementation of these standards, guidelines & protocols.

Trained representative agents who know the system so that they may sell it to businesses and assist with the implementation, roll out and maintenance thereof.

Ensuring trained representative agents are equipped to review the establishments once implementation has been completed and provide patrons with the reassurance of their safety once audited and certified.

To certify compliance providing entities, employees and patrons with certified peace of mind that their wellbeing is being protected and cared for.


Integrity – Our business is based on integrity. HIQS provides quality management systems, and as the implementer and certifier of such systems, our integrity underpins the assurance that the system mitigates risk adequately, protecting the health of staff and patrons.

Diligence – The absolute integrity of our hygiene quality management system is assured by diligently ensuring all the components work together and are maintained at all times to mitigate any risks.

Consistency – Of systems, standards and certifications is a core value.

Care – A deep and sincere care for protecting people which is above and beyond meeting (minimum) safety standards, it is a deep seated ethos.


Protection – Protecting people and planet goes beyond safety standards, involves a deeper care for Hygiene, disinfection, wellbeing and the sustainability of all life on our planet.

Market leadership in bringing to you systems and support from a hygiene, safety and quality point of view and incorporating sustainability in the journey.

Raising the level of awareness of health, hygiene, safety and sustainability with training, systems and certification.

Equipping the hospitality, personal care, sports and recreation sectors to run safer more sustainable businesses for all staff, patrons and the earth.

To be your partner in all things quality, hygiene and sustainability ensuring that clients have the back up support and service to make your establishment safe for patrons to visit.

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