HIQS Service Agents & Representatives

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Service Agents and Representatives are selected, trained and certified by HIQS International to fulfill the following roles, and may apply to HIQS to become service agents. It is up to the service agent (or the business he/ she is working for) to determine which of the following functions they fulfill for HIQS.

• Cleaning and Disinfection
• Deep Cleaning and Disinfection
• Training
• Auditing
• Certifications
• System Implementation
• Advisory/ Consulting
• Supplies

To become a HIQS Agent click here or send an email to info@hiqssystem.com


Agents may be from established cleaning businesses familiar with various cleaning & disinfection offerings or startup agencies. The reason for appointing a cleaning & disinfection business as a HIQS agent is to provide them with training regarding the requirements for any disinfection program to be effective. This will involve training selected employees from the business with the required HIQS Systems and Protocols upon which they will be certified by HIQS and recommended as the certified agents and representatives.


Agents and Representatives are trained to provide training, in turn, assistance with system implementation, as well as advisory and consulting services. HIQS training provides representatives with the insight to identify risks which may not be included in the system for niche establishments and businesses. This allows the agents and representatives to guide the business with regard to additional risks as well as assist the facility with the implementation of an effective program.

Further to this, HIQS trained agents are able to perform cleaning & disinfection services properly as they are aware of the system and certification requirements.


HIQS agents and representatives are trained in the requirements of the system as well as how to conduct the audits and what is required to secure and maintain HIQS certification. They will ensure you have all the relevant information when evaluating the audit information for review prior to issuing of the certification.

By having a two-party process in place for the review, auditing and certification steps we provide customers with a more objective view when evaluating the information in order for HIQS to issue the certificate. In addition to this it provides a standardised approach for all businesses undergoing the audit as all audit information supplied by the agent to HIQS is quality controlled during the evaluation.

HIQS makes amendments and improvements to continually improve this service offering to clients and their customers in turn.


3 levels of certificates may be obtained.

HIQS Compliant Facility Certificate
HIQS Eco+Compliant Facility Certificate
HIQS Sustainably Compliant Facility Certificate

Agents conducting the review supply all audit documentation to HIQS for evaluation upon which it is determined whether the facility is sufficiently complaint to be awarded the respective certificate.

If deemed compliant HIQS will issue the certificate to the respective business facility and maintain up to date listing on the HIQS website.

If deemed non-compliant the agent is required to provide feedback to the establishment, sign them up for a deep disinfection program if required, and may assist the facility in closing out findings in order to better prepare it for the next audit.

Certification requires monthly validation.


The modular HIQS system can be purchased by the respective facility or corporate enterprise through our website directly or one of our HIQS agents/ representatives who will also assist in the implementation and roll out. The agent will provide guidance as to how best to customise and apply the system and may make recommendations to make it business specific. This may require small amendments to cover risks which have not been identified in the system.


A HIQS agent/ representative also acts in an advisory or consulting capacity as they have had the training provided by HIQS on system, standards and certifications. Having had exposure to different industries gives agents / representatives additional insights on how to apply the modular system, identify risks the business may not be aware of, how best to keep record of the way in which these risks have been mitigated and guide the facility through the audit.

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