HIQS Certifications


HIQS provides a set of standards, systems and protocols tailor-made to the hospitality, personal care, sport and recreation sectors. As the implementation of such standards and protocols is time consuming and can be challenging to document, HIQS has developed a comprehensive customisable management system. The respective facility is trained to apply HIQS in their establishment to comply with the standards and protocols set out.

The HIQS certification process requires the establishment is independently reviewed to audit to test compliance to the protocols and standards to highlight any risks detected regarding health, safety, hygiene and disinfection audit.

Certification provides the facility with a proof of compliance and reassures patrons that they are being cared for and are not exposed to unexpected risks because all safety and disinfection protocols are taken to protect clientele.


Agents are trained by HIQS to assist in the implementation, roll out and maintenance of the HIQS Quality Management System.

Agents are trained in verifying the adequate implementation of a HIQS quality management system by conducting a review to check for compliance against the standards and protocols for certification by HIQS.


Personal care establishments (salons, spas), sport & recreation facilities, restaurants and hotels can acquire and implement the HIQS system applicable to their respective business. The HIQS System and Certification provides clients a solid foundation to work from, customising the modules for respective facilities to ensure that all risks are adequately mitigated and records are available to prove this.


HIQS offers various levels of certification. This is built on the foundation of continually improving and extending from whole-istic protection of hygiene and disinfection to protecting the environment and ensuring sustainability of all life and our planet’s future.

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